Friday, July 19, 2013

Joseph, Part 2

(Continued from Part 1)

After Al Stenzel took over the BOYS' LIFE color comics section account from Johnstone & Cushing, for the most part, artists' credits vanished. This makes it difficult to be sure who worked on STORIES FROM THE BIBLE from the mid-60's until Frank Bolle took over in the late 70's.  But the first artist to follow Irv Novick looks like it might have been Lou Fine.  The work is very similar to some of his work on SPACE CONQUERORS!, but this is keeping in mind that of the various artists who worked on that feature, Fine was the only one who seemed to "bury" his own individual style under doing "generic J&C style" art.

If there's anyone out there who can positively I.D. some of the art that follows, please let me know!

The 6th version of the story of "Joseph" was the most detailed yet,
running 11 installments from 1976-77!

August 1967  /  art by LOU FINE
September 1967  /  art by LOU FINE
October 1967  /  art by  (??)
November 1967  /  art by LOU FINE  (??)
December 1967  /  art by  (??)
January 1968  /  art by  (??)
February 1968  /  art by LOU FINE  (??)
March 1968  /  art by LOU FINE  (??)
July 1976  /  art by  (??)
August 1976  /  art by  (??)
September 1976  /  art by  (??)
October 1976  /  art by  (??)
November 1976  /  art by  (??)
December 1976  /  art by  (??)
January 1977  /  art by  (??)
February 1977  /  art by  (??)
March 1977  /  art by  (??)
April 1977  /  art by  (??)
May 1977  /  art by  (??)
(Continued in Part 3)

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