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Moses, Part 4

(Continued from Part 3)

For the 6th version of the story of "Moses", we jump all the way up to 1977.  Still no idea who the artist on this one is.  Any ideas?

By a wide margin, this was the longest, most detailed retelling of "Moses" yet.

This is also, as far as I can make out, the point at which, years later, whoever was writing the text decided to start reusing the text, WORD-FOR-WORD, and only replacing the illustrations.  With previous stories, I've re-presented Frank Bolle's 2 versions back-to-back, episode by episode, but this time I think that might get TOO confusing.  Instead, I reccomend that anyone who wants to compare these nearly-identical versions open up a 2nd or 3rd browser so they can flip between them.  In this case, that would be "Moses, Part 6" and "Moses, Part 8".

Oddly enough, the July and August 1978 episodes were the only ones not redone verbatim in October & November 1988.  The first had the text drastically re-written, while the 2nd was replaced by a completely different strip-- meeting with Jethro rather than drawing water from rocks.  Oddly enough, the water-from-rocks episode (August 1978) was reused (with new text) later in the SAME version of the story (August 1979) and thus reused verbatim twice later (November 1989 and November 1999).  After awhile I notice little glitches like this...

June 1977  /  art by (??)
July 1977  /  art by (??)
August 1977  /  art by (??)
September 1977  /  art by (??)
October 1977  /  art by (??)
November 1977  /  art by (??)
December 1977  /  art by (??)
January 1978  /  art by (??)
February 1978  /  art by (??)
March 1978  /  art by (??)
April 1978  /  art by (??)
May 1978  /  art by (??)
June 1978  /  art by (??)
July 1978  /  art by (??)
August 1978  /  art by (??)
September 1978  /  art by (??)
October 1978  /  art by (??)
November 1978  /  art by (??)
(Continued in Part 5)

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