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(Continued from Moses)

I'd bet more people are familiar with the story of "Moses" from the films THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, or, more recently, THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, than they are from actually reading THE BIBLE.  Well... the story of "Joshua" is what happens NEXT.

Essentially, the Israelites, who'd gone from being farmers to slaves, after being freed and then spending 40 years wandering in the desert of Sinai, turn into invaders and conquerors.  That's quite a jarring turn-around, isn't it?  Having been forced by famine to flee "The Promised Land" given them by God (see the stories of "Abraham" and "Joseph"), they decide it's time to take it back-- BY FORCE.

I'm suddenly reminded of a line in the STAR TREK episode "The Omega Glory", when "Cloud William" declares, "What was ours-- is ours AGAIN! It will never be TAKEN from us again!"  Hmm...

The BOYS' LIFE series has covered this story 8 times so far, beginning in  
April 1955.  When Creig Flessel did it then, it was basically the "epilogue" to the 2nd version of "Moses".  But as I mentioned before, I held it back until here, so I could re-present it grouped together with all the later versions.

Each of the first 3 versions gets increasingly more in-depth than the one before it...

April 1955  /  art by CREIG FLESSEL
February 1960  /  art by IRVING NOVICK
March 1960  /  art by IRVING NOVICK
April 1960  /  art by IRVING NOVICK
September 1969  /  art by CURT SWAN
October 1969  /  art by CURT SWAN
November 1969  /  art by CURT SWAN
December 1969  /  art by CURT SWAN
January 1970  /  art by CURT SWAN
February 1970  /  art by CURT SWAN
(Continued in Part 2)

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