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Compared with the last few, the story of "Daniel" is more well-known.  It's been covered 7 times in the BOYS' LIFE series, going all the way back to  
January 1956.

I'm going to do something a bit different here.  There is what might be called a "prologue" to "Daniel"-- the story of "Nebuchadnezzar".  While events in it were mentioned in several of the versions of "Daniel", it was only illustrated ONCE in the entire run of the BL series.  Therefore, I'm going to present it here FIRST, before jumping back to the earliest version of "Daniel".  I'm hoping it makes for less confusing, and more vivid, reading.  Enjoy!

February 1984  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
Note that when Frank Bolle covered "Daniel" again 10 years later, the above episode was SKIPPED.  It sure seems to me that somebody in the 1990's was trying to "clean up" The Bible in BOYS' LIFE and remove some of the more controversial or "downbeat" episodes.

I also note that "The Trial By Fire" part of the Babylon story is only featured in the 1st, 3rd and 7th versions.  Was it considered "too scary" for the kiddies the other times?  The more I go over these, the more surprising it is how inconstent-- and incomplete-- the BL series really was.

January 1956  /  art by CREIG FLESSEL
February 1956  /  art by CREIG FLESSEL
March 1956  /  art by CREIG FLESSEL
November 1962  /  art by IRV NOVICK
January 1963  /  art by IRV NOVICK
August 1972  /  art by CURT SWAN
September 1972  /  art by CURT SWAN
October 1972  /  art by CURT SWAN
November 1972  /  art by CURT SWAN
December 1972  /  art by CURT SWAN
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