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(Continued from Ezra)

The only slightly less-obscure story of "Esther" was skipped over in 2009 by Graeme Hewitson, who jumped straight from "Ezra" ("The Exiles Return") to "Nehemiah" (UP NEXT!).  This was no doubt because it was the last thing artist Anthony Castrillo did before being replaced by Hewitson.  Naturally, I'm presenting it here, IN SEQUENCE.

"Esther" has been covered in the BOYS' LIFE series only 3 times in its entire run, starting all the way back in May 1956, which makes it surprising it hasn't been done more often since then-- and not once in the proper sequence!

Between this and the story of "Deborah" (only covered TWICE), there would seem to be an anti-female vibe underlying the BL series.

May 1956  /  art by IRV NOVICK
August 1962  /  art by IRV NOVICK
October 2008  /  art by ANTHONY CASTRILLO
November 2008  /  art by ANTHONY CASTRILLO
(Contined in Nehemiah)

Copyright (C) BOY'S LIFE Magazine
Restorations by Henry Kujawa

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