Thursday, August 1, 2013


(Continued from Joshua)

Following the story of "Joshua", and the Israelites conquering the land of Canaan, I had to do a little research online to figure out in what order the next few stories should be presented.  I learned that several of the stories had been repeatedly presented out-of-order in BOYS' LIFE over the years!

One of the more obscure STORIES FROM THE BIBLE was "Deborah", which only appeared in the BOYS' LIFE series TWICE, in May 1960, and then not again until December 2006.  That's a gap of 46-1/2 years!!!

Of the 2 versions, I feel the 1st is by far the better-told and more coherent.

Perhaps this blog page may, in a small way, help to make this story a little better-known?

May 1960  /  art by IRVING NOVICK
December 2006  /  ANTHONY CASTRILLO
(Continued in Gideon)

Copyright (C) BOY'S LIFE Magazine
Restorations by Henry Kujawa

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For More:
Read the Wikipedia page on Deborah

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