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(Continued from Esther)

Yet another obscure part of The Bible, the story of "Nehemiah" was covered in the BOYS' LIFE series exactly ONCE, and not until February 2009, more than 56 years since the series began!

It seems a shame that, after it took so long for the series to cover "Ezra" and "Nehemiah", that they couldn't have managed to have "Esther" in between.  Well, I've taken care of that here!

While "Ezra" details the return of some of the Jews from Babylon, in both "Esther" and "Nehemiah" it's clear that many of them were still there. And also, that the rebuilding of the country would be a long, slow process.

February 2009  /  art by GRAEME HEWITSON
March 2009  /  art by GRAEME HEWITSON
April 2009  /  art by GRAEME HEWITSON
(Continued in The Maccabees)

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