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(Continued from Isaiah and Hezekiah)

Like the previous story, "Josiah" was only covered in the BOYS' LIFE series 3 times (so far), starting with November 1983.

As I've done before, since artist Frank Bolle covered the story TWICE, I'm presenting each pair of his episodes back-to-back, for easy comparison.

I must note, I may be wrong, but it sure seem to me that the first 2 episodes by Frank Bolle were presented-- TWICE-- in the wrong order.  In the 1st, it describes King Josiah as one who did right by The Lord.  In the 2nd, it shows him reading a scroll, which convinces him to do right by The Lord.  Shouldn't that be the other way around?

In the 3rd episode, it describes how no other Jewish King ever turned so much toward The Lord as Josiah did.  Which makes what happened NEXT all the more ironic...(See the Anthony Castrillo version, which ends with a lead-in to the following story.)

November 1983  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
November 1993  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
December 1983  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
December 1993  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
January 1984  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
January 1994  /  art by FRANK BOLLE
May 2008  /  art by ANTHONY CASTRILLO
(Continued in Daniel)

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