Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Maccabees

(Continued from Nehemiah)

I remember way back, perhaps in the 60's, having a large hardbound book which was an "illustrated" version of THE BIBLE.  Not too much different from some of the parts of the BOYS' LIFE series, it was entirely in black & white, with a limited amount of text and an emphasis on lavish illustrations.  It told the stories of both the Old Testament and the New Testament, in chronological order.

I bring this up because, out of that entire book, the one story I always remember having the hardest time comprehending was "The Maccabees".  It's the FINAL story of the Old Testament, and it involves another revolt against an outside oppressor-- a successful one this time.  Apparently taking place quite a lot of years after the story of "Nehemiah", but also quite a few years before the Roman occupation.  It seems like the country of Israel could never cut any breaks.

Though not referred to by that name, the BOYS' LIFE series did cover "Hanukkah" 5 times in its run-- 4 of them relatively early-on, starting with December 1953-- just 15 months after the series began.

Considering the mostly-Jewish slant of the BL series, it's surprising that "Hanukkah" hasn't been covered more often-- and not at all in the last 37 years.

This is really a case where I highly reccomend clicking on the link to the related Wikipedia page at the bottom.  I feel this particular story isn't one that can easily be "gotten" without some reading and concentration.

December 1953  /  art by CREIG FLESSEL (??)
December 1955  /  art by CREIG FLESSEL
December 1960  /  art by IRV NOVICK
Decembr 1961  /  art by IRV NOVICK
November 1975  /  art by (??)
(Continued in The Nativity)

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